Soft, golden light emanates from the summer skies
piercing past the horizons onto the cobblestone paths.

The chiseled volcanic Grecian landscapes, are cast with topaz-tinted shadows, like the illuminated facets of Helio’s golden chariot.

The ancient cavernous Aegean Sea glistens in full turquoise glory Whispering winds and pulsating waves cascade against the velvety shores, humming a regal opera in reverence of Poseidon.

Summer is now in the air.

Braun Büffel’s Spring/Summer 2018 men’s and women’s collection

begins with the perennial hypnotizing magnetism and allure of the Greek islands

- echoing the dualism of quaint Grecian antiquity imbued with contemporary articulations of its storied culture.

The kaleidoscopic colour palette of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection

draws inspiration from the turquoise and vanilla skylines of Santorini

the coastal morphology of Milos with its lightly caramel-coloured beaches, the volcanic burnt lava-red cavernous landscapes that surround the sparkling Aegean Sea together with the rich array of both pastel and electric hues found on Cycladic architectures.


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